Hello!  So you think you may want to commission a portrait painting?  Here are a few things to consider as you make your decision:

Size and Shape:  I can do a painting for you starting at around 8x10 and going as large as you like.  Please consider, however, that the larger the painting is, the more it will cost to ship from my location (Brooklyn, NY) to yours.

Length of Time to Complete:  It usually takes me about 2 weeks to complete a portrait painting, once I get started.  This estimate is a little bit variable based on the size.  A larger painting will take longer to complete.  The paint will need to dry sufficiently for shipping and then we can get your painting to you!

Price:  My portrait paintings start at around $400.00 for a small canvas and increase in price from there.  Below are some standard prices by size.  We can discuss it when we nail down a size and source material and come to a final price that you’re comfortable with.  I have a PayPal account for your convenience.


Negotiable by Size

Shipping:  Unfortunately, due to their variable nature, shipping costs will not be included in the price of the painting, but will be separate.

Source Material:  For your painting, I suggest that you provide me with a sharp, high definition photo that you would like made into a painting.  For this purpose, the higher the definition, the better, as this helps to nail down details in the painting process.  You are welcome to provide several options and we can discuss them.  

I hope this answers your questions and I look forward to working with you!

Most Sincerely,

Zoë Bloom Levy

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